A word from our CEO

Lineage founder and CEO Anthony Rodriguez on the company's past, present, and future (plus a clip from Tommy Boy)

It’s amazing how hard it is to do for ourselves what we do so easily for others. We’ve been building this company for almost 15 years, through many iterations and incarnations. Lineage began as a one-man management company that worked with a handful of talented artists and personalities. As we grew, we developed additional core competencies: we were among the first to manage social media for athletes, we launched technology start-ups, and, finally, we became the full-service digital agency we are today.

Originally, the company operated in several silos—social media, design at speed and scale, original video—which sharpened our focus and simplified what different teams had to achieve to transition from a start-up business to a mature, revenue-generating entity. This worked for a while. but we started to feel like a fat guy in a little coat. So we spent the last year integrating our different business units to work as one. We now more artfully and collaboratively capitalize on each other’s strengths to help our clients accomplish their goals.

We’re now in a position to scale at a fast, sustainable rate and deliver work we think is better than any of our competitors’. We’re also fortunate to have strong leaders throughout the company, and are excited to see others climb the ladder as we grow. And we haven’t stopped adding to our feature set, recently developing an internal media buying team and taking an active role in branding and strategy for several clients. I’ve never been more excited, and I know my team feels the same way.

So it only seemed right that we go for a new visual identity to express our evolved M.O. Putting our entire creative brain trust in one room and challenging them to define who we are now, without dismissing our legacy and still leaving room for future evolution, was a fun, challenging, and intense process. But when it came down to it, we did us: a genuine, authentic reflection of our acumen, taste, and love for what we do. Now that I’m writing this out, it all sounds cheesy and buzzwordy. But it’s what we believe in, it’s what we preach to our clients, and it worked for us.

It wasn’t easy. It took…a while. But we made it. And while we’re proud of our new look and feel, we’re even prouder of the organizational changes we’ve made that you probably won’t see, but you’ll still experience.

This is Lineage Digital. Previously the artist known as Interactive, son of Management. Always evolving, always with our lowercase-l lineage intact.

Anthony Rodriguez
Founder & CEO