Where creativity meets strategy.

The Lineage Agency maintains our brand and strategic marketing partnerships. With thoughtfulness, creativity, and diligence, we breathe fresh life into established brands and bring new brands to life.

At Lineage, we focus on getting the job done, whether we’re working on a short-term project or building a partnership that spans years. We get results for our clients by listening to their needs first, then using the right people to deliver creative solutions. We don’t bloat accounts with superfluous account managers or nickel and dime clients based on hourly allocations. Anyone who touches your business knows your business, period.

Brand Marketing

Building valuable brands; upholding brand values

Whether you’re launching, rebranding, or growing, we can help you define (or refine) your brand. From overarching messaging frameworks to seasonal campaigns to daily management, our work advances your brand goals in a way that is both thoughtful and feasible.

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Campaign planning | Marketing strategy | Channel management | Community engagement | Influencer marketing | Content | Ads | Analytics


Clear, concise & convincing communication

We work with brands of all sizes on positioning, planning, and messaging. Our strategists help companies identify and build new audiences, develop and execute global campaigns, refine their ongoing tactics, and communicate more effectively with customers and stakeholders. From one-off deliveries to ongoing marketing, we apply innovation and insight to everything we do.

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Audience & market analysis | Brand books | Brand strategy | Campaign planning | Case studies | Strategic communication | Digital strategy | Strategic planning

PrivacyGuard To The Rescue

Media & Analytics

Reaching your audience effectively

We take care that everything we create reaches the right audience, at the right time, in the most efficient way. Whether we’re buying broadcast, open-web, and social advertising or partnering with distribution platforms and premium channels, our media and analytics team works to continuously drive down costs and optimize results.

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Channel auditing | Data analysis | Media strategy | Paid media | Sentiment analysis | Social listening