Lineage careers


Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer

Project Manager

Motion Graphic Designer

Want to join a growing creative team?

We’re always looking for talent, whether in graphic and motion design, social media management, writing of all kinds, or video production. If you have a knack for one or more of those things, you’ll fit in at Lineage, no matter who you are or what you’ve been doing until now.

What we don’t have:
Ping-pong tables, nap rooms, iris scanners, catered lunches, gym memberships, things for your inner child (a ball pit), or things for your outer adult (beer on tap).

What we do have:
A friendly, collegial environment where you wear what you want, bosses who check in and listen to your concerns and feedback, praise where praise is due, and several kinds of normal snacks. And we pay fair wages with benefits and have an accommodating time off policy, even for entry-level positions.

Most importantly, we value your time and your work. We don’t expect our team to pull late nights or weekends—in fact, it’s strongly discouraged. So take that vacation. Spend your time outside the office relaxing, recharging, and pursuing your passions (listen, we know Work isn’t your passion). And seriously, do not check your email until Monday morning.