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Amazon has tapped Lineage to contribute to some of the company’s highest-profile products and events, from the annual Consumer Electronics Show to the premiere of Thursday night NFL programming to the launch of Alexa for Residential.

Within the company, Amazon Advertising encompasses a huge swath of advertising products and tools both on and off Amazon-owned sites. The tech giant turned to Lineage for help consolidating, repositioning, and expressing the Amazon Advertising brand.

We work closely with the Amazon Advertising brand team to ideate, execute, and elevate key marketing materials, from major announcements to product launches to internal creative guidelines. We created most of the video content on the Amazon Advertising website, born out of our broader strategic partnership.

The advertisers who depend on Amazon’s services include some of the biggest brands in the world. Our work helps Amazon Advertising reach them with timely, useful, and relevant information.


Staying Connected

Kenshoo CEO Yoav Izhar-Prato explains how his organization has stayed agile during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, Amazon Advertising wanted to reach out to its sellers, some of whom were navigating difficult transitions amid remote work and shifting consumer habits.

Our studio produced Staying Connected, an interview series that invited digital advertising companies with close ties to Amazon Advertising to share how they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interviewees all founded companies that make AI, optimization, and analytics tools used by Amazon sellers and advertisers. Their deep knowledge of the industry made them ideal choices to speak to Amazon Advertising’s diverse audience of brands and sellers.

We added mandatory mental health days, at least two per month … to force everybody to unwind, hang out with their family, and relax.
Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

The founders and CEOs in each segment hail from different backgrounds and live in different countries. But as experts in the field, they were all prepared to share unique insights, dispense useful advice, and discuss the future of digital marketing.

We worked quickly to write, shoot, and edit remote interview segments with subjects around the globe. Then, our designers supplied graphics to finish each one with a unified, branded look and feel.

The information shared by the featured CEOs—which ranged from practical knowledge for sellers to broad predictions on the future of e-commerce—will remain relevant long after the pandemic ends.