Sharks, dragons, and cupcakes: Developing original content around two of the year’s biggest television events


AT&T is both a telecommunications giant and a media property in its own right. Its content hub,, receives 70 million unique visitors a month. For years, that hub was populated by Yahoo!, but in the vacuum Yahoo! left behind, AT&T saw an opportunity to create original content based on their licensed entertainment properties.

Suddenly, AT&T needed fresh, engaging content at scale. They engaged Lineage Digital to create and populate an entire microsite for Discovery’s Shark Week programming block, then to do the same for HBO’s prestige mega-hit Game of Thrones.


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Lineage created a full slate of written content, video assets, and visuals to drive engagement around these two high-profile properties on For both, our strategy team developed and pitched upfront and ongoing concepts for written articles, short videos, static graphics, infographics, and social ads—and executed them all at a breakneck pace.

For Shark Week, we had 2 weeks to deliver an entire microsite of assets for a 2-week campaign, much of which required research, exhaustive sourcing, and the final signoff of Discovery. In the end, the Shark Week microsite housed over 32 pieces of multimedia content about sharks, from scientific explainers to shark-themed recipe videos.

For Game of Thrones, we stepped in after a less-than-successful outing from another vendor, giving us even less time to produce at the same scale. And, given HBO’s ultra-tight security around their premier show, we had to develop a process to deliver next-morning content throughout the show’s 2017 season.


Both our Shark Week and Thrones content massively outperformed AT&T’s expectations, thanks to our stellar creative and speedy execution. When our creative conceptualization met our hard work, became an asset beyond even what they envisioned for themselves.

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