Building a brand for a consumer data monitoring service


PrivacyGuard is a consumer credit and data monitoring service. Its offerings help ordinary people stay on top of their credit scores and take charge of their personal data to prevent identity theft.

In 2019, Lineage performed a strategic brand audit for PrivacyGuard. Our findings laid the foundation for a full rebrand.

Throughout the rebranding process, our Agency led the strategic work, while the Studio brought it to life with thoughtful, visually stunning creative executions.


We worked with PrivacyGuard to develop a new logo, choose colors and fonts, and standardize graphic treatments.

Today, our creative executions bring the new PrivacyGuard brand to life. Each month, we deliver original social graphics, motion graphics, animations, and digital ads.

From taglines to hashtags to fully-animated explainer videos, everything we make has a purpose, guided by the brand strategy we developed with our client.



Lineage also helped PrivacyGuard define, and expand, their core demographics and customer archetypes, then tailored content, like these motion graphics, to fit them.

Our efforts informed the redesigned PrivacyGuard website and brand-new mobile app. We produced several full-length motion graphics as part of a creative campaign around the 2020 app launch.

App Launch Demo